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About Us

For years people have been asking the same old question over and over again - 

‘what great gift are we going to buy him this year?’

Usually this question is asked with a look of total confusion and sometimes desperation overcoming their faces. All you have to do is walk through one of our many overcrowded shopping centres to see that there is an abundance of womens fashion/jewellery stores offering millions of different products yet very few shops that sell any half-decent gifts for a male. So the same scenario occurs every year, you end up buying him a DVD that nine times out of ten will probably never end up leaving the packaging.

It is for these reasons that the concept of Mens Gift Spot was created.  As simply as the name suggests, it is the spot to come for all things men. Our idea was to build a user friendly, one stop shop offering all types of unique gifts to cater to any male. Through our combined 20 plus year knowledge in the retail giftware industry, we feel that we have succeeded in providing you with this.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your dad, grandad, son, brother, boyfriend, husband, or even close friend we want to make it our goal that you will find something that will suit perfectly. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the lowest possible prices to guarantee that your online shopping experience is all the more enjoyable.